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Harihar City (Dakshina Kashi)

Harihar is a town located in Davangere District in the Indian State of Karnataka on the banks of river TungaBhadra. Harihar also known as Hari-Hara, got its name by combination of two Hindu gods. Hari means Vishnu and Hara means Shiva. Harihareshwara temple is the very famous temple built in 12th centuary in the time of Hoysala’s. Harihar is also known as “Dakshina Kashi“.

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Long ago a demon by the name Guhasura was living in the banks of Tungabhadra. He had a boon from the lord Brahma that he cannot die from any of Brahma or Vishnu or Shiva or any of the deities [Devatas]. Using this boon, the demon started troubling the people and even the deities. Unable to withstand his menace and his power, the troubled deities went to Vishnu [Hari] and Shiva [Hara] for help. Obliging this, Hari and Hara united to become Harihareshwara and killed the demon after a fierce battle. When the demon was dying, he requested Harihareshwara to name the place as Guharanya Kshetra and the feet of Harihareshwara to be on his chest. This is the reason for the name “Guharanya Kshetra” and since both Shiva and Vishnu united to destroy Guhasura, the place got its present name, “Harihara” and the deity worshipped is called “Sri Harihareshwara”.

The statue of Sri Harihareshwara is a self-made sculpture and installed by Brahma himself. The statue is standing on “Koorma Peetha” clearly depicting distinctive features of Hari and Hara. The right side has features of Shiva and left side of Vishnu. At the head part, the right side has half moon, Ganga and the hairs which clearly indicate the signs of Shiva. The left side of the head has kireeta decorated with pearls which indicate the signs of Hari. The right of statue has Trishula and the left has shankha and chakra. On the sides on the right, there are the statues of Ganapathi and Parvathi and on the left; the statue of Lakshmi can be seen.

The river Tungabhadra is created by Vaivaswatha. Tunga indicates Narayana [Hari] and Bhadra is a form of Maheshwara [Hara]. Together they direct Harihara. Ganga is believed to wash all the sins of human beings and help them to attain entry to the Heaven [Swarga], where as Tungabhadra help the human beings to reach Parabrahma which is the highest possible position a human being can attain after death. Taking a bath once in Tungabhadra is believed to be equal of fasting [Upavasa] for 12 days. And it is also equivalent to take bath in Gangaadwara and Kushavartha during Solar Eclipse. Since harihara has both Vishnu’s and Shiva’s feet, it has equal importance to Kashi [Varanasi] and Gaya. Leaving Tarpana and performing Pindapradana in harihara are believed to have greater significance in one’s life.

Every year the Car festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and lots of people participating. harihara also has a famous Ragavendra Mutt located on the banks of Tungabandra. The brindava of sri Ragavendra Swamy is very pleasant to watch getting famous by time for its locality, the functions like hastodaka, aradana, etc. It also serves punya kaarya (events) like pitru kaarya, darmodaka, varshantaka etc. It is featured with all the activities and good place spend time.

Historic Background of Harihara:

harihara has a rich history of around 1500 years. Predominantly it had been ruled by Hoysalas, Chalukyas of Badami, Cholas, Pandyas, Rashtrakootas, Kaalachooryas, Kings of Vijayanagara, Moghuls and Peshwas. Stone Literatures of Hoysalas, Chalukyas and Kings of Vijayanagara had been found in this place. In the year 1145, Polvala Dandarasa the Prime Minister of Naarasimha the second, a Hoysala ruler had built this temple for Sri Harihareshwara. Somadandaadhipa had constructed a tower [Gopura] at the eastern entrance of the temple. Saaluva Tikkama of Yaadavas had constructed one more temple next to the main temple and installed the statue of Sri LakshmiNarayana. Later due to the attack by Mohammadens, the statue of Harihareshwara had been damaged and sunk into the river. Some times later, the statue was recovered from the water and re-installed by Maratha Peshwe. Also the statue of LakshmiNarayana was damaged and at the same place, a granite statue of Mahishaasura Mardini was replaced. Every year during the month of February [Magha Pournami, as in Hindu calendar], the car ceremony [Brahma Rathotsava] of Sri Harihareshwara is celebrated.

On the tower above the garbhagudi, we can find a sculpture of Sala killing a tiger, which is the clear indication that the temple was constructed by the Hoysalas. Also the style of Chalukyas of Kalyana can be clearly seen. The four pillars in front of the garbhagudi is surrounded by eleven circles and numerous decorations and in the center, we find Bhuvaneshwari on Navarang which is surrounded by Ashtadikpaalakas with their vaahana. A large Ranga mantapa is situated in the center surrounded by pillars. The temple has two main entrances; the entrance in the east has high lighting towers on either side. With these beautiful sculptures, the temple of Sri Harihareshwara is the center of attraction for the town of harihara.

There is an interesting story behind avatara of this god. In ancient days this place was known as ‘Guharanya’. A dense jungle and habitat of a demon Guhasura. He had a boon that no Human or Rakshasa or God can kill him. And he started harassing people around this place. Then Vishnu and Shiva came together in a new avatara called Hari – Hara (Harihara) and killed demon Guhasura. That is how this place has got the name Harihar. Every year the Car festival is celebrated. Harihar also has a famous Ragavendra Mutt located on the banks of Tungabandra.

The harihar serves as a major Industrial base also. It is servied by the famous Kirloskar Industry and at present Aditya Birla, Grasim, Synthite, Shamanur Sugar’s and more. Kirloskar Engineering company has closed down, resulting in a loss of nearly 15,000 jobs. The major lifeline of this small town is the Tungabhadra river, which continues to be exploited and polluted as a result of heavy industrialization.

Temples of Harihar:

  • Harihareshwara temple
  • Omkar Math beside Harihareshwara temple
  • Ayyapa Swami temples on the bank of  Tungabhadra
  • Kannyaka Parameshwari temple near JC extension
  • Grama devate Temple near Post Office
  • Jai Hanuman Temple near Shobha theater
  • Rayara Matha (Raghavendra swami temple on the banks of Tungabhadra)
  • Maargadha Dhurgamma temple (towards ranibennur on NH4, around 3 km)
  • Masjid in Gandhi ngr
  • Shree Ganpathi temple near Chintamani Nagar
  • Mother Mary’s Church on PB road

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Geography of Harihar City:

  • Harihar is located at 14.52°N 75.8°E.[2] It has an average elevation of 540 metres (1771 feet).
  • Urban Population, 1.5 Lakhs(2010)
  • Num of Properties, 17,098
  • City Area, 7.8 km2
  • Length of Roads, 11.05 KM
  • Total Water Supply , 32,00,000 LD
  • Per Capita Water Supply, 40 LPCD
  • Summer Temp, 30°C-40°C
  • Winter Temp, 17°C-20°C

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